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Wind - For One More Melancholy demo 1998

Wind (fin) - For One More Melancholy demo IV 1998
1) The Sleeper
2) For One More Melancholy
3) The Night to Come
4) In Robes of Sorrow

RGhost / Mediafire

I decided to post the next Wind release today, which is, as my source wrote: "4 compositions of poetic and surrealistic synth/chamber music with both catchy and totally insane melodies" and released again on his Ståhlhammar Productions, sth 017. There seems to be some confusion on P2P circles to the order of these demos, but I'd consider Narqath reasonably reliable source for info so if "Veils..." was the third demo and this was released after it, it should be demo IV and the following "Woodland Spirit" (sth 32, 1999) is naturally demo V. Accurate info seems a bit scarce so until proven otherwise I will go by this. Again only a tiny little image was all that was found so a proper scan would be great.

The demo starts off easy enough with wind effects and a generally laid-back mood before kicking a more intense, even aggressive gear in at 01:30, complete with black metallish vocals and all. These almost whispery snarls are practically the main vocal here, along with a gothesque clean voices which dominate the rest of the demo. The music has a strong neoclassical feel to it and the sound isn't as rough as on the previous demo, dropping the dungeon synthiness level considerably and upping the darkwave gauge. I find myself agreeing with Narqath, this is a good listen but "Veils..." was a bit better. Check it out if you're into darkwave/neoclassical stuff.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thanks a lot! Veil of Death actually surprised me. I assumed it'd be more like this based on hearing Varjosielu. I hope V sounds more like these two, honestly.

Do you have any other Stalhammar/Dragonthrone releases? It'd be nice to see all of those available eventually.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, my contributor is to thank for this one though. I've got the next Wind demo too and some Ståhlhammar items were among the rips Henri recently sent me. But not nearly all. Some are, however, already found online and I think Grev had a fair bit too.

Would need to find a proper, full list of the releases to use as a sort of check list. ;) Obviously asking Narqath would be the first step.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I'll shoot him an email and see if I can work out a list. I also have a few as well that I'll rip if needed, but most of what I have is already online.

GREV kirjoitti...

Anon & Velkaarn.

I'll check what I have and I'll ask the release list from Narqath

Eugene kirjoitti...

Ok, i kinda recreated the cover, since Google image search recognized Dali's painting. (Kunstler script font was probably used on original one, btw)


Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thank you I'll have a look once I stop bleeding, this seems to be oen of those nights.