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Pohakka - Minä kävelen vetten päällä... demo 1997

Pohakka - Minä kävelen vetten päällä... demo I 1997
1) Minä kävelen vetten päällä...

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Still more from master Sorvali's stash, here's the one and only demo of the Finnish project Pohakka. You might remember I posted a rehearsal tape back in 2010? I didn't post any links to the demo back then as there was a pretty decent rip floating around and easy enough to find. Well, now that I got this rip I thought I'd upload it here finally. Comes with a cover scan.

Like some already know, this demo (and the rehearsal tape too, it's the same song in rough form) consists of only one, looong track which I've seen called both "Minä kävelen vetten päällä..." and "Untitled". Since the day I got a dub of this from a tape trader I've been under the impression it'd be called "Minä..." and I'm going to stick to that. The cover itself doesn't really waste words, only additional thing written on it is the contact address. What does it sound like then? If you're familiar with the rehearsal tape but not with the demo, this sounds softer, obviously more produced and has more elements and instruments added. It is still quite minimal and repetitive, almost more ambient than metal. Somewhere between funeral doom and black/doom metal might be close call. The softer sound, acoustic guitars and keyboards take away some of the rehearsal versions harshness and bring the mood to more contemplative, melancholic one. The vocals are very sparingly used which is a good decision, they're not really much to write home about anyways. It's quite pretty, moody music. Recommended if you like slow and atmospheric stuff.

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Rhûn kirjoitti...

Awesome doomy, thought-provoking stuff. Thanks once again for sharing, Velkaarn.

Would you mind re-uploading the rehearsal of this song? Hearing this in a rawer, harsher form sounds amazing to me.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh crap, I meant to refresh that link when I uploaded this, looks like I didn't!

Doing that now as I type and indeed this is pretty great stuff. The rehearsal is a very stripped down and rough affair but interesting to hear.

pagan kirjoitti...

Awesome! How did I never listen to this before? All the time it was hiding somewheres on my computer. I like it, has a nice slow funereal pace but gritty guitars, reminds me a little of the better moments of early Raven/Shape of Despair. I'll be checking out the demo next.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I also suffer from forgetting to listen to things I've downloaded and even ripped, especially if I've unpacked them to non-standard locations! The rehearsal versions sounds much grittier and very unrefined. Still worth a listen I'd say. Be sure to check out Haven In Shadows too if you already haven't... or don't I need to reupload them.

Taralezh kirjoitti...

Alright ! I didn't noticed this post was a new rip right until now !
that rip sounds so much better than my old version of it..
I find it hard to belive Pohakka recorded only one song.. and the only man who can fit the job of finding other material is you Velkaarn !
Signing off, Gal from Into The Woods, I'm back from the dead !

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, Henu did a great job with this (and the other tapes) rip! It's been a while, good to see you back among the living.

Taralezh kirjoitti...

Hell I missed posting rarities online so deicided to put on a new blog, no black metal yet..
Pohakka's dude later had a neofolk project with Tehni members, I remember having this somewhere on my computer, I need to check up, maybe I'll post it if I find it
Damn I owe you a big thanks for T.O.L.K, that was one hell of a suprise when you posted that crazy ass stuff