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Hin Onde - Ahti's Depths demo 1999

Hin Onde - Ahti's Depths demo 1999
1) Dawn of Ragnarok
2) Fimbulwinter
3) God of Thunder
4) Behind Oceans and Times
5) Towards Mimir
6) Well of the Highest Knowledge

Zippy / Mediafire

And here we go again, I decided to get this out of the way right away. See previous post. Thank you Henri again for the rip and scans!

Short info for those too lazy to go read the previous entry, more of the same which in this case is Finnish viking metal of folky sort. Though first of the returning tracks "Dawn of Ragnarok" still sounds kinda RACish. This is the first release under the monicker Hin Onde and to be honest I understand and approve of the name change here, if not for anything else then to take distance to the dismally poor Svartalfheim demo. This sounds much better, is played better and is almost voluntarily listenable without any sort of chemical or other choice artificial encouragement(s). I might actually even like it were it not for the specter of the previous attempt looming over my shoulder, whispering into my ear discouraging, maddening words and making mind wander to unwanted paths. The third track kinda stands out and sounds cool. Almost makes me want to hear the albums now. Still in the end of the day not really my favourite sort of music, especially with vocal performance ranging from terrible to bearable and so on, but if you wanted to like "Well of the Highest Knowledge" but couldn't, stop trying and listen to this instead.

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Rhûn kirjoitti...

That third track definitely sticks out like a sore thumb - reminds me of 70's progressive rock, what with the organ presence and different guitar sound.

Music's OK - synthesizers are pleasantly cheap-sounding and songwriting is fine, but I wish the clean vocals weren't so awful.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, the vocals are still lousy, though not quite as dismal as they were on the Svartalfheim demo. Did you try that one? Recommended if you have masochistic tendencies.

BabyHugZ kirjoitti...

Great post! Many thanks!