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'Til Your Ears Bleed: Vol III European Attack (2000)

Various Artists - 'Til Your Ears Bleed: Vol III European Attack compilation tape (2000)
1) Moonsorrow - Taistelu Pohjolasta
2) Hödur - Unpure Race
3) Tharapitha - Demon's Night
4) Alcoholic Smashing War - Hail to a Long Awaited Alcoholic Victory
5) Eviternity - Cant IV
6) Tangrycan - Immortalize Sacrament
7) Consecrated - The Charming Voice

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Today I've decided to post another compilation tape master Sorvali sent me. Thanks again for the rip and scans to Henri! This is a bit unusual one, though unfortunately does not include extra goodies like the previous one's newsletter. The very non-standard length (a bit less than 38 minutes) is the thing that really puzzles me. Just about every other compilation tape ("A History of Time to Come" would be the first exception that comes to mind) was practically as long as the tape the person used (so either 60 or 90 minutes usually) and seeing as this was divided pretty evenly to two sides makes me wonder if the guy had scored a load of 40 minute tapes somewhere?

Ok, to content. Another thing that I was perplexed by was the timeline presented by the tracks here, four of the seven date to 1997, Tangrycan's track is from '96, Alcoholic Smashing War (jesus what a name!) dates to '98 and Moonsorrow is (again) featured with "Taistelu Pohjolasta" from the '99 demo. Did it really take so long to compile this? Or did he make three volumes and released them simultaneously when finished? And why does he stubbornly misspell Hödur as "Höndur"??? So many questions, so few answers and nobody probably cares. Well, I do so if you have more information, please share. Sound levels here are even and things flow surprisingly well, bands present are interesting enough and almost all play some variation of black/pagan metal (even A.S.W. - to my surprise) with the notable exception of Consecrated's gothic doom. A pretty neat little compilation.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

I'm perplexed by title. Seems more fitting to a late 80s comp of 2nd tier American thrash metal bands of minor consequence.

Lineup here's good though despite the noted misspellings and dubious timeline. But I find beauty such charming miscues, so it's all good here.

Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, I agree and apparently failed to mention it in the text with your notion of the title, seems really... inappropriate. Makes me also wonder about volumes I & II and if there were further ones? I would imagine at least one of the missing volumes would be (South or North) American Attack. Probably no African Attack among the volumes.

GREV kirjoitti...

"African Attack"... sounds fuckin' brutal "Ebola influenced BlackHorrorcore" from Tunisia \m/

Thanks anyway for that rip and hails to Henri

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Heh, yeah I bet it would be a brutal volume, guaranteed to hit like a Hutu club to the skull!

Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

I just purchased the VERY rare demo by Alcoholic Smashing War.

Drop me an email if you want me to rip it - emptinesscycle@gmail.com

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I've been wanting to hear that one so sure!