torstai 5. helmikuuta 2015

Adornment - ...And Love Perished demo 1994

Adornment - ...And Love Perished demo 1994
1) ...And Love Perished
2) The Birds Have Gone
3) Touch
4) Daughters of Dawn

4shared / Mega

The tour ends in Finland and in moods not that far from where we left off with the previous post. This is Adornment who hail from Vantaa and their only demo dating to 1994. My rip from comrade passetiermes' cassette that was among those I borrowed last summer, posted this late as I was initially disencouraged by the appearance of a rip of the demo, just about when I had scanned the covers, at Raf's blog. Then after a bit of time passed I decided to post this rip anyways since I had already done it, scanned covers and sent the tape back to p. Didn't download the other rip so no comment on the quality, but at least this has higher bitrate and generally good sound.

The music on the quasi-controversial tape is melodic death metal. Yeah, it's that simple, I'm not going to be overtly elaborate. Well, perhaps I could mention the occasional dual-vocals, or the slight English death/doom influences or other details, but nope. Just download it if you enjoy melodic sorts of death metal, you'll like this.

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