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Paganus Doctrina - Natural Inbio del Paganismo demo 1995

Paganus Doctrina - Natural Inbio del Paganismo promo / demo I 1995
1) Nazarenus
2) Recuerdo S. XIV / Obscura en Teoría Celeste
3) Hypostasis - Nous de Culto / Christós Dogma
4) Teologismo Doctrinal
5) Plotino, Uno Primigenio / Natural Inbio del Paganismo

Rusfolder / Mega

The Coven's adventures in the Central America continue, moving southward to Costa Rica for our next contribution, again courtesy of brother Baldemar, here is Paganus Doctrina. This was a bit tricky as there are keyboard interludes part of or preceeding the tracks 2, 3 and 5 which tend to blend with the previous tracks so Baldemar wasn't sure where to cut 'em. I think I got that figured out and looks like the other rip online has it either differently (=wrong) or perhaps it's a timing thing (this rip both begins and ends quite abruptly, as if a few seconds were missing) so it wasn't much help. The tracklisting was also off. I've enclosed a scan of the xeroxed cover, there's a bit clearer version on Discogs if you need one.

Musically this alternates between passages of generally fast black metal (the "main" tracks) and keyboard interludes which essentially are the first parts of the tracks that have a slash on their title. Though there are some keys used in the "metal" tracks too. Some unwashed lout complained about these parts on the Metal Archives review, well screw him they're just fine and the demo would be a bit dull were it only the black metal parts that tend to feel quite samey throughout. Though the first track has a pretty neat solo, second has a break... ok maybe not so similar after all but you get the point, don't you? The lyrics would seem to be rather interesting too (they're written on the Metal Archives entry, but not included with the cover, perhaps there was an insert) though my extremely limited understanding of Spanish gets in the way a bit. This is a cool demo and recommendable especially if you're into Southern black metal and don't mind the keyboard parts.

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Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

I used to tape trade with Raum from Paganus Doctrina years ago (he also wrote a lot of the material on early Colemesis demos). Great band, and definitely the best thing to come out from Costa Rica for sure. Same demo material was released as a split CD with Pseudostratiffied Epithelium with remastered sound - though I take it that American Line Productions had the same issue in separating the tracks as they put it unsplit on the CD. Original demo tape cover did come with the lyrics on the back (as memory serves at least). From my understanding the line-up from this demo didn't do anything afterwards, as I gather that there was a rather bad falling out amongst some members... IMO a forgotten jewel.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Indeed, agreeing on this being great and I also noticed the split was this re-released as a single track pretty much right after posting this. A bit lazy from the label to press the whole 20+ minute demo as single track! Thanks for verifying the lyrics, I was wondering if they were a separate sheet or on the flipside. People tend to leave those off scans quite often.