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Iadanamada - Thy Honor of Triumph (reh '94)

Iadanamada - Thy Honor of Triumph rehearsal 1994
1) Intro
2) Dark Princess
3) My Black Evocation
4) Proclamation from Satan

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As promised, here's something more uncommon and keeping with the travel plan we move south of border (this time from the US viewpoint) to Mexico and another contribution from brother Baldemar, many thanks for this one! "This one" being Monterrey's Iadanamada, one of the bands by Masthema Sancia, known from Sabbathan and Hiborym as well as some other projects. This is apparently the second release with this project, if the Metal Archives note about a demo from '93 is correct, and at least two more tapes should exist: '95 promo titled "Metzli" and the '97 demo "Evocation" listed in the Archives. Though I wonder if these are the same release? Entirely possible they're not, they might've just re-recorded two old tracks. Whatever the case might be, I'm looking for the rest of their material so get in touch if you got any.

This is a rehearsal tape and as it wasn't ripped from an original or direct dub either you might feel very cautious. Fret not, the sound quality is decent enough even if it is closer to poor than great, you're reading this blog after all so you're most likely not that sensitive about it. It's a bit on the quiet side even if I increased the volume a tiny bit. The intro sounds very much like a Dead Can Dance track and probably is one, I just don't recognize it right away and am too lazy to research. Their own material is black metal, at this point still dealing with quite traditional topics, judging from the song titles and treads mostly at steady mid-tempo. It's more melancholic, moody and monotonous than bestial or warlike, closer to Burzum than Sarcófago. Rather simple, somewhat repetitive but I take pleasure in this sort of primitive stuff. Don't pick this up expecting sophisticated black art, pretentious avant-wankery or fashionably boneheaded retrogasm.

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Francisco Barata kirjoitti...

For those curious (like me), the intro is from Dead Can Dance, "The Arrival and the Reunion", from the Aion album.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

The intro is Dead Can Dance's "The Arrival and the Reunion", from the Aion album.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for doing the research for me, appreciated!

I haven't listened to "Aion" for ages, now that I think of it. Should revisit DCD soon again.

Francisco Barata kirjoitti...


No problem at all, thanks for uploading this rare stuff! I really enjoyed the intro, so I had to go look for it, haha.

By the way, if you are interested in more from the "Lords of the Tyrants" circle, other bands included are:
Fallen (Mex)
Vlad/Darkness of Blood
The Cult Occult
Lord Diabolicus/Lord Occultus

I think the bands Fallen Angel and Mefis Seth might also be a part of this circle, since they are from the same area, were active around the same time and had members from this circle. An interview with Fallen also mentioned two other bands that I can't find, Inferno (from Monterrey) and Lord Of Sorrow. You can read it here:

(By the way, I'm also the second anonymous poster, that was an accident. My bad.)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yup, figured you might be both, no probs!

I am very interested in hearing the rest of the bands involved within the circle, but had quite limited knowledge about it in the past. I knew Masthema's bands were connected as well as The Cult Occult and I suppose I knew about Lord Diabolicus/Occultus too, at least I picked up their material at some point.

Your list is very helpful, as well as the interview link so thanks again for sharing the info!