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Hades / Mock - Live in Oslo '94

Hades / Mock - Live in Oslo '94 split live tape
1) Pagan Triumph
2) Hecate (Queen of Hades)
3) The Spirit of an Ancient Past
4) ...Again Shall Be
5) Unholy Congregation
6) Pagan Triumph
7) Thy Sorrow of Åsgard
8) Call Thy Eternal Winter
9) Bonded by Thy Blood

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Let us not sit idle but move on to another neighbouring country and yes, it is Norway's turn to be featured. Again a contribution by a certain person, thanks alot for this one, for change a split recording and a live tape to boot. This was recorded in 1994 at an unknown venue in Oslo and features relatively short sets by Hades and Mock, perhaps it was some sort of festival environment so the time was limited? Annoyingly, I'm certain I've read something about either this tape or the event itself in a 'zine but can't recall which one it was or when, not to mention any further details on the show. I'm not sure if this tape was released as sort of semi-official thing by either band or people associated with them, or was it just a bootleg. There's a cover scan but it's not overtly informative and actually didn't even have tracklisting for Mock's part.

No titles for Mock!

To the music, both bands play black metal in Norwegian style but with different twists. Hades' material is generally mid-tempo, somewhat epic and lyrically influenced by various mythologies and pagan faiths while Mock is more in the Norsecore style viking black metal. Six tracks in roughly 26 minutes for Hades, though first and last are the same instrumental song, album opener "Pagan Triumph", performed as intro and outro. Which on paper might look a bit silly but works wonderfully. A cool idea. Sound is a little rough and somewhat messy but everything can be heard well enough. Same thing with Mock's portion which consists of three tracks in slightly over 16 minutes. Note that each title has "thy" in it, can't help wondering if they actually understood the word or thought it as a cool way to write "the". Whatever, they do a decent job also and there's a little bit more variation to their three songs than Hades' material. Hades still wins and I'd really like more recordings like this. Recommended for fans of either band, provided they can stomach the sound and collectors of old live tapes and/or Norwegian black metal.

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Panacea kirjoitti...

Cool stuff Velkaarn!
I had never heard of Mock performing live until now...and the sound is very good (for a bootleg).

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, it's a better than average recording, isn't it! Mock did a few gigs I think, or maybe really just one or two, not sure. I've a rip somewhere titled "Memory to Euronymous" but I recall it was only three songs and also from '94 so most likely the same as this. I'll dig it up later and check.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I actually made that cover for my own tape and I passed it to a few others back in '95.


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


so that's a real old school bootleg thing then, nice job at least in my mind. Got any other details to share?

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Well, nothing much apart from the fact that there was no track list in the First place so we had to identify the tracks and write them at the back of the cover....