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Evil - Rehearsal 08/10/95

Evil - Rehearsal 8th October 1995 (or 10th August 1995!?)
1) From the Black Horde of Pure Evil
2) Medieval Spells in the Ancient Vastlands, the Forest of Sorcery Twilight
3) Nocturnal Rites in the Black Pentagram

RGhost / Yandex

The next South American destination is Brazil and I think many of the readers are familiar with Evil, this early rehearsal tape is from their pure black metal period and another contribution by brother Baldemar, thanks again for your work! I'm not sure if this was recorded in August or October as people overseas tend to write down the dates in wrong order, probably just to piss me off. There obviously was no cover so I just made that to have something to decorate the post. Obviously inspired by "All Evil" demo cover.

All the three tracks are featured on "All Evil" as well as some later releases, these versions naturally sound quite different due the rehearsal sound which is slightly challenging this time around. The instruments have a very low volume while the vocals are really loud. No, louder than that. And very raw too. Actually the distant, almost frail sounding instrumentation combined with the abrasive, over the top vox does create a special atmosphere, kind of makes me think Graveland and Veles circa '97. I might not be right in the head but to my ears this sounds cool. I'd really like to know if this was recorded August or October, I'm guessing before "All Evil" anyways as the second track has a longer title than usual, they probably dropped the last part from it for the demo. Yeah, enough about me, give this a try if you think you're into raw black metal.

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