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Medium - Rehearsal Tape '96

Medium (col) - Rehearsal Tape 1996
1) The Battle
2) On the Left of My Lord Lucifer
3) Countess Bathory (Venom cover)


Today's destination is Colombia and I could use some help again. You remember the previous one-song rehearsal by Medium I posted here? Well, here they are again with another rehearsal tape from 1996 (which I titled slightly different to keep 'em from being mixed) and once more I got no tracklisting to go with it. Except for the third track which is extremely easy to identify. I'm pretty sure their two originals are from "The Battle" demo yet that's little help as I haven't gotten that one. Help would be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: RazorAttack confirmed both tracks are from "The Battle" - he gave as titles "La batalla" and "A la izquierda" which match, well, "The Battle" and "On the Left of My Lord Lucifer" on the demo. I'm not sure if they were titled in Spanish like he said or did they switch language with Abaddon (both tracks appear on the '08 album), but since they're in English on the demo I used those versions of the titles here too.

Soundwise this is less bass-heavy than the previous tape was and also a bit less messy, again good enough for a demo or rehearsal demo. The music has still that same old school vibe and groove, first track sounding almost heavy metal at first but getting very ferocious and fast around the middle. It returns to closer to the initial moods again before the end. Second track follows starting at bouncy midtempo, sticking to it for most of the track and speeding up to end. A cool solo around mid-song. Last song should need no introductions. Both originals seem very recognizable and I suppose if you had the demo you would be able to name them pretty easily. Cool stuff, hopefully the titles and a rip of "The Battle" surface soon. Meanwhile this is recommended for people into South American black metal and generally into more old schoolish sound.

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RazorAttack kirjoitti...

El primer tema se "llama La Batalla" y el segundo tema se llama "A La Izquierda". Esta banda posteriormente paso a llamarse Abaddon y hoy en dia es la banda mas representativa del Black Metal de la ciudad de Barranquilla.

Aqui le dejo los links de sus perfiles oficiales en Metal Archives.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Ok so they are songs from "The Battle" demo, there titled "The Battle" and "On the Left of My Lord Lucifer" - but these versions are in Spanish? I think he's screaming in Spanish now that I listen as carefully as possible on the first track but I'm not sure on the second, could be English too?? Can you confirm?

I was aware of the name change and have been meaning to check out Abaddon too. Do you know if they recorded anything under the Morgue name ('90 - '94) and was it death metal at that time or black?

If you have "The Battle" demo I would be very interested to hear it. Thank you for your comment and the information!