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The Dark Funeral - In Thy Forest... demo 1993

The Dark Funeral - In Thy Forest... demo II 1993
1) Intro
2) Fullmoon Rites
3) The Funeral
4) In Memoriam
5) Mørke tider
6) Mourning Shadows
7) Eternal
8) After the Battle
9) Outro

Version 1: Natural hiss
Mediafire / RGhost

Version 2: Noise reduced

Next stop on the tour is, unsurprisingly if you can read a map, Denmark and here's yet another contribution, the second demo by the elusive one-man synth project The Dark Funeral. Not to be mixed with the slightly better known Swedes. I've been looking for the two demos of this project since forever, inspired by the interview on Blokong 'zine and finally scored the second one so many thanks to the sender, you know who you are! Sadly no cover scans so I just had to use the picture from the 'zine, I could've also used the logo (see below) but Blasphemous simply needed to be my pick.

However, all is not peachy as the rip was from a heavily circulated dub with absolutely massive amount of tape hiss. It's like a faucet running, not drowning the recording but pretty darn nearly. So, I resorted to what I don't usually do and tried applying noise reduction filter to diminish the admittedly distracting hissing. The result is okayish, works a little better on synth stuff like this I guess, but you can still notice the filter's unfortunate side effects in places. I'll leave the choice to you then, pick either the version with the hissing included for more "natural" experience or the reduced version which has less extra distraction.

As for the music itself, like I thought it'd be it's a rather typical one-man-and-his-casio-in-the-woods sort of project, which I don't really find a bad thing after all! Somewhere between darkwave and dungeon synth, the nine tracks are generally a bit on the shorter side (total running time is a bit under 23 minutes) and rather varied, from the 'waveish "Fullmoon Rites" to solemn "The Funeral" and minimalistic standout "Mørke tider" - despite this it still overstays a little, but this is definitely a recommended listen to all into kitchy dark synth stuff! And I really want to hear the first demo.

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Unknown kirjoitti...

Please redownload the Noise reduced version

Dungeon Synth kirjoitti...

Please redownload the Noise reduced version

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You want it reuploaded? Can do, though I am not very happy with the result. I might get another version in the future but for now this will have to do, I was told it has just as bad hiss so it is the demo itself that is source of it and I recommend the natural version.