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Sabbathan - Promo '94

Sabbathan - Promo '94
1) Thousand Luciferes


Mesoamerican madness continues with more Mexican mayhem by Masthema Sancia 666, this time a contribution by another person and slightly different sort of stuff as we delve into depths with his solo project Sabbathan. You might see Sabbathan referred to as black metal but that'd be the case with the later stuff, or parts of it to be accurate. The older tapes, including this one, are synths and voice sort of ritual music/black ambient - well, I'm sure you get the idea. Metal Archives refers to this as "Thousand Luciferes" promo '95 but according to my contributor and the vague recollections I have (= reliable, accurate info) of some interview or article or something in a 'zine this is '94 promo. No cover exists so I just used the logo.

I don't really see how Sabbathan were "Aztec black metal" in any point as somewhere was mentioned since both this, '93 demo and "The Fury of the Storms" are clearly Satanic content. Probably a mix-up with the themes of the other related projects... though as we saw from the Iadanamada rehearsal I posted at least the old material there was Satanic, pure black metal as well. Yes, but back to this recording, what we have here is a single song with organ-type keys, clear voice proclaming incantations slightly drowned out by the music and... well, that's pretty much it. It's a simple, somewhat ritualistic piece. As a standalone track it's not really something to write home about, I suppose it serves better listened to as an interlude between other related pieces, or perhaps as an intro to a Lords of the Tyrants compilation or such (subtle hint there!)? Recommended still to people interested in this circle or similar material in general. I really want to hear the first Sabbathan demo so get in touch if you have it! Well, the last one too.

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