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Kharadrai - Shadows of the Sea demo 1997

Kharadrai - Shadows of the Sea demo I 1997
1) Caduceus
2) The Sleep of Khona

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Back to Finland and let's do a non-metal thing today. This is another contribution, sent by Henri after my request for Kharadrai material, thanks for humouring me! Kharadrai was a synth project by the Meathooked 'zine editor Sami Heikura who used the same pseudonym for himself and was also a member of Thornfrost and a contributor on the first Lunar Womb demo. Meathooked #2 has a brief article for further background info on the project, if you haven't read that. Initially I got just the music but fortunately Henri found the covers too so scans are included.

This first demo consists of two titles and apparently was a bit too minimalistic to the artist's own liking later on. The covers imply this would be influenced by H.P. Lovecraft which is always (well, almost always) a bonus in my books. Neither of the tracks is overtly long, leaving the total playtime at almost eleven minutes and making sure they don't overstay their welcome. Actually they could've been a little bit longer and I don't find them too minimalistic, I rather like this. Ok, the second track is less active out of the two but still not as static as many other ambient things, especially in the more cosmic oriented vein which is where this leans too. I'm starting to get confusing so better quit while I'm still ahead and go grab a snack. The later Kharadrai material has a bit more stuff going on but we get back to it another time. If you're into ambient stuff or interested in the Meat Hook Productions roster, grab this.

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Grilo do Demo kirjoitti...

Whaaaat :D

This is something I never expected to see... Did you know this guy played keyboards in the first Moonsorrow concert, when Markus wasn't yet in the band (or maybe he just couldn't make it that day)? :D I had no idea he'd been in Thornfrost and Lunar Womb! Do you have any LW demo, by the way?

Thanks a lot for this!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


It's great to be able to surprise people every now and then! I will post the rest of the Kharadrai material eventually as well.

Nope, didn't know that fact, funny you didn't know about T & LW though, must be due the mysterious artist names! ;) Yup, I've both LW demos and will do them soon. You might be interested to know Henri is putting finishing touches to the third unreleased one as well.

Dimmu Eternal DM kirjoitti...

Great post. I didn't know the existence of this title of Kharadrai, and I'm glad to hear you've got more Kharadrai tapes. They were in the EWC list, you know. Thanks a lot.

GREV kirjoitti...

Well, I must say big thanks to you and Henu for this one.

I've it already, but I'm too lazy to find it out (it's on CD-R and I have over 900 disc to check out)

Keep up good work brother!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yes, more will be coming and they're more like the track on the EW compilation (which was taken from the 2nd demo). There's also a compilation track that I believe was later re-worked for 3rd demo, will post that one too.


You're welcome and those CD-R's sound like a monumental task - still, it's easier to go through 'em than unlabeled cassettes! ;D

Grilo do Demo kirjoitti...

Yeah, the reason is definitely the strange nicknames. Who can even!

If you're curious, you can see some pics of the first ever Moonsorrow gig here, with Kharadrai in them.

Looking forward to the rest of material!