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Shamharoth - Spheres Ablaze demo 1995

Shamharoth - Spheres Ablaze demo 1995
1) The Birth
2) Snowbound
3) Among Demons

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The Coven's Baltic Sea tour nears its end, today we visit Sweden and let's do some metal of death for change, how about it? Hopefully "yes" because that's what we're having, here's Shamharoth and their probably only demo. Another fruit of co-operation between me and brother Grev, he dubbed me the recording and scanned the covers, I ripped it and uploaded here. Thanks as always! There's not too much info on the band available, I do remember seeing some reviews for this and it was on trader lists and the cover lists the three band members' first names, instruments they play, addresses in Stenhamra and mentions the demo having been recorded in "a nameless studio" in March '95.

What do the three tracks made by three Swedish guys sound like? Death metal. From Sweden, not of the melodic sort, though there are melodies present here as well. The nameless studio has provided a decent enough sound, rather clear and reasonably heavy. The vocals are quite high on the mix, they're growled and brutal enough even if not just barked and grunted, more like sung you know? Music is mostly midtempoish and has a bit of groove to it actually. In a sense it's very traditional sort of (slightly) blackened death metal. Syphilis newsletter's review mentioned their flyer calling the music "dark metal" but I'd really just go with death metal here, even if it is quite dark, certainly darker than many rather fruity things that fall under the monicker. Most memorable song personally would be the last one, which is also probably the most melodic and features guitar leads and all. The notable lack of name-dropping here is due my very limited expertise in this genre. Overall I'm feeling quite positively about this, the first song could be a bit shorter though. Certainly worth a try and I wonder was this really the only thing they recorded?

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