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Golden Dawn - Rehearsal 08/94

Golden Dawn - Rehearsal August 1994
1) Golden Dawn

Mega / Depositfiles

I decided to continue with the Golden Dawn operation and this is actually also the last item I had stashed away unless something more pops up. Might look like another Friday Night Filler when you look at the tracklisting but this old and obscure rehearsal (though it sounds just like all the older GD demos do) recording is actually longer than the previous '96 one! I found this on one of my dubbed tapes while looking for something else and don't really have much more information on it. I presume the "08" refers to August here. Obviously no covers for this one and I wasn't feeling like making one up. UPDATE: Image used sent by reader Running Wild who wanted to make placeholder images for this and the other rehearsal, thanks!

A single track running for over fourteen minutes and even though I got this labeled as rehearsal, there is really no difference at all soundwise to the demos. Yeah, I know I said that already but it's worth mentioning again in case someone feels pussy reluctant to check it out because of the rehearsal title. Looking at the Golden Dawn / Apeiron split tape cover shows the first four tracks there were recorded in summer '94 so perhaps this was from the same session and left unreleased. Though I doubt that, with the slight difference in sound and execution, this might be a later separate session that found no home for itself. That's all really interesting but how about a few words of the actual music, finally?! Slow and quite calm track, almost completely sung with clean vocals, a generally mellow atmosphere all around. Synths are ever-present but not very dominant. Feels a bit different from the other old material yet instantly recognizable. That's enough, download if you're into Dreamlord's other stuff or atmospheric, slightly fluffy material in general.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Another rare Dreamlord Rehearsal.
Thanks a lot!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, hope you enjoyed it, I think the quality was quite good.