tiistai 5. huhtikuuta 2011

The Ancient's Rebirth - Below the Nocturnal Skies promo 1994

The Ancient's Rebirth - Below the Nocturnal Skies promo 1994
Mörker och hat
As He Rides the Nocturnal Skies


Here is a 2 song promo by the Swedish black metallers The Ancient's Rebirth which I found from the pile of tapes I was given a while ago. Both would be recorded again on their debut album but these versions are obviously quite different sounding. No cover, unfortunately. Not sure if one exists but if it does I'd be interested to get it.

The sound is ok demo level, tape is a little bit worn at places and I've no idea what generation dub this might be but obviously it has passed through a few pairs of hands before ending up on the tape I worked with. Very listenable, don't worry. Music is melodic black metal the Swedish way and sounds good to my ears, it's not too light and fluffy if not filled with malignancy either. Raw black metal voice and some clean bits added for spice. Nothing to write home about I guess but works for me, original or not! Pretty long tracks both, total time is about 12 minutes. Recommended if you like bands like Midvinter, Dissection, Sacramentum, Naglfar, Vinterland... well Swedish 90's black metal to say it shortly.

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