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Equitant - The Circle of Agurak promo 1993

Equitant - The Circle of Agurak promo/demo I 1993
The Fallen Walls of Agurak
2) The Finrir Wolf
3) De Occulta Philosophia
4) Castle of Töprak-Kale (Among Them)
5) ('Iss) Er 'Arbörkr
6) Under the Sasaian King Yezdenian III
7) The Goddess Astghik (Sea of Glasya)
8) Hofa Hilmir, ok Valhallar Visi


Non-metal post, featuring Equitant's, formerly remembered from Absu and nowadays a maker of electronic music, debut release as a solo artist. Even though this recording features also his bandmates Proscriptor (flute) and Shaftiel (voice) and Black Mass Prayer aka Black Massith (while in Absu) helped him with the synths, it's mostly a solo effort. If you are familiar with the man's current and, well basically all solo work since late 90's you might be well-adviced the first two tapes are quite different from his EBM/techno/electronic releases. This one would mostly fit into the dark ambient/dungeon music category with some folky bits included. The folky parts seem mostly Celtic-influenced while the ambient parts divide roughly into half instrumental and half with spoken vocals included. The lyrics would seem to be more in the fantasy vein (concerning Agurak mentioned in the title) than mythology/occult Absu is known for. Equitant would seem to mix Celtic, Scandinavian and Howard-school sword & sorcery influences. This is judging from the track titles and narration, lyrics are not included. I got a copy of this and the 2nd demo from eBay some time ago, so a scan of the fold-out cover is included.

The sound and rip quality are good, the tape was not badly worn despite being just dubbed onto a regular old cassette. Some wear is occasionally heard but this can't be avoided. Moods presented are mostly quite solemn and gloomy with the synths dominant for majority of the time and the spoken vocals usually remain in the background. Which I find preferable. The folk bits I mentioned earlier are restricted to the intro and outro, track 6 features some distorted guitars which brings a nice refreshing change and Proscriptor's flute gives character to the 7th track. At the end of the day a good effort, recommended if you enjoy these kinds of works.

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F kirjoitti...

Interesting share, listening to it right now...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for the comment, hope you enjoy it!

THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Ha, this is a funny co-incidence! See what I've posted yesterday:
Thanx btw for sharing the Equitant-stuff; since I received the "Nightshade"-comp.tape (remember?) I was interested in it, though never got my hands on it! The other demo would be also awesome to listen to, any chance for posting it? Cheerz!!

pagan kirjoitti...

Thanks, indeed.

Xexanoth kirjoitti...

I remember this, a very nice gem, I must say.

Thanks for the share comrade!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome guys!

@TD: That's quite a co-incidence! I think Proscriptor released a cassette as well before the album, demo probably. I'll need to research.

Sure I'll post the other tape too, I'll do it in near future. There's a pack of plumbers renovating the building I live in and as they tend to work during days which is when I sleep I've been forced to re-locate elsewhere for the worst of it. This obviously has a negative effect to updates & stuff. ;)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Fuck man!!!!Im searching this one for ages!!!!
Thank you so much!!!Hope to upload the second demo too!!!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Happy to be of assistance! I'd been looking for the Equitant demos for pretty long time myself so I was quite pleased when I found them on eBay.

I'll do the 2nd one soon(ish), as soon as I've some time to spend at home again. At the latest when the renovation's done (less than 2 weeks).

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

My so many years long anticipation about this just ruined...hahaaa...ok i was expecting something like The Great Lands of Minas Ithil but this is more dark stuff like in Equimanthorn style...back in late 90's Equitant supposed to release an album by Cold Meat Productions in the style of The Great Lands of Minas Ithil(one word was the title if i remember correct).Also back then if you tried to enter in his official site you could hear i FUCKING AMAZING song playing in the background(maybe from that upcoming album).

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Well, he did release albums but quite different in style compared to the two demo tapes. I'll upload the 2nd demo next week.