torstai 7. huhtikuuta 2011

Midvinter - Midvinternatt demo 1994

Midvinter - Midvinternatt demo 1994
2) De vises hymn
3) Midtro
4) Mitt blod...
5) Outro


Some more Swedish black metal, this one can be found in the inter nets but since I had ripped my dub I decided to upload it. This is the debut and only demo of Midvinter who released an album in 1997, split up and apparently resumed activities in 2006.

I got this demo originally as advance tape for 7"EP which was probably some sort of misunderstanding. Or a change of plans, don't know. Anyways, dubbed for me by one of my pen pals I had no covers for this so I've taken the image from M.A. once again. The quality of the dub & rip is ok and the sound quality of the recording satisfying enough. It's clear enough but obviously demo-ish, all instruments are audible but the guitar sound could use a little extra kick. Competent black metal vocals spitting out lyrics written in Swedish on two compact songs and three intros/interludes spice up the recording. Quite typical stuff for its time but a nice listen anyways. Check out their full-lenght album too, and hopefully they'll release something new soon, the instrumental track from 2009 on their MySpace sounds promising.

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