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Wolfkhan - Wolfkhan demo 1994

Wolfkhan - Wolfkhan demo 1994
Wolf's Hosts of War
2) The Eternal Might of Pagan Warriors
3) Wisdom of Old Trees
4) Ancient Mystery of Dark Forest
5) Ritual of Heathen Blood


Another item I was contributed, thanks for this, you know who you are! And again an obscure piece of Polish underground black metal, this was a one-off project by Thy Worshiper's Marcin Gosiorowski who got a little help from Rob Darken whom you probably know. This comes ripped from a dub so no cover scans - as always those would be appreciated if someone has them!

Polish pagan black metal with a typical cold sound and atmosphere but a bit more unusual end result. The first, lenghty track is competent pagan black metal but the second one sounds more unusual with a jangly, folky guitar and very heathen atmosphere topped with raw vocals. Repetitive but works, the synths add majesty to it. Third song is slower piece with just synths and percussion, atmospheric certainly but a bit dull to be honest. Fourth track continues basically the same but adds vocals which sound a bit distant and add up to the proceedings. Last song is an outro by Darken which might be familiar to you from elsewhere. Decent sound for an old underground demo and an ok quality rip with minor audible wear. Even though the 3rd and 4th tracks are less interesting this is definitely recommended for people into the old Polish scene!

It appears this was not the actual demo and it will be soon re-released on a Polish label so please look forward to that.

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Misfits kirjoitti...

Thanks Velkaarn! I have to check this. Thy Worshiper is one of my favorite Polish bands, so I bet I'll enjoy this.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome! It's quite different from Thy Worshiper though.

pagan kirjoitti...

I've been searching this for some time, actually. Thanks!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Pleased to be of assistance, I'll forward the thanks to my contributor!

Pitt kirjoitti...

Sorry but this is not a real Wolfkhan demo tape :) Both demos will be released in 2015 on CD format by polish label DemoKult Series

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Pitt: Thanks for the info, I will delete the link. It is good they will be properly released.