tiistai 19. huhtikuuta 2011

Winterschlacht - Vollstrecker demo 1998

Winterschlacht - Vollstrecker demo 1998
2) Heterotrophie
3) Urwälder der Entscheidungsschlacht
4) Tod durch Aufhangen
5) Überlegenheit
6) Dunkle Gestalt


This is another contribution I've received, thanks to the person who sent it! Polish black metal from a member of the great Galgenberg, this would seem to be the only demo he released. No cover artwork so I have used an image from Metal Archives. As always, cover scan is welcomed.

This demo contains 6 tracks of quite fast and straight-forward black metal with a raw underground sound, drum machine and a few dashes of synth thrown in the background occasionally. I can't say the final result would be anywhere near Galgenberg stuff. There are some good moments but the overall performance and finish is lacking, I dislike the drum machine (both sound and programming) and the whole thing sounds kind of unfinished. I'm positive this would've come out much better had he worked with someone else on it. Rip quality is very good. I'm certain the maniacs into radical Polish bm will not be disheartened by my dim view of the demo and others into underground black metal might want to check it out as well. Not essential but interesting.

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