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Kvist - Rehearsal 1994

Kvist - Rehearsal 1994
Mørk, Skjebnesvanger Og Erotisk Lokkende
2) Svartedal


Another request long due, I promised to get this done to a number of people. Sorry for being so late with it. Kvist is a cult band from Norway and if you don't know them yet, leave immediately, get a copy of "For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike" (no, buy it you cheap bastard, it's worth your money), listen to it at least ten times and if you don't enjoy it never return here. Others may proceed to download this two song rehearsal which features a song that would be on their 1994 demo and another which would appear both on demo & album.

I got this one from a trader on a CDr quite a while ago and ripped it, slightly upping the volume which was extremely low in the process. It is still quite low and a little hissy and muffled but other than that, it's very good for a rehearsal recording. If you are familiar with the demo 1994, this is a bit more muddled but the songs have all the instruments present, including vocals and keys. Obviously it's good, it's Kvist. I'd listen to them play beer cans and unplugged guitar. If there are any more Kvist recordings in existence and you got them, get in touch for I must have them. You can have my other kidney or whatever. Recommended.

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THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Yezzz, totally agree with you! Since I first heard their album I love Kvist to death!! Mostly because of the totally untypical way this album is produced, and the absolutely unique feeling of the music!
Thanx for this (to me unknown) rehearsal!!!

Feuersturm kirjoitti...

Thanks for this! And to imagine the demo/album material was written by a 16-17 year old to-be-electrofunkjazz type of guy. My all time favorite band, period. And I still have hopes for a sophomore album sometimes... who do I have to kill, really?

Here's a few bright ideas for the future too:

DAEMONUM (pre-Hecate Enthroned) - Dreams To Mourn demo

THOKK - A Trance For The Ever-Toiling Witch

Goat Vomit kirjoitti...

worship humanicide (true frostandevil) new link

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for the comments!

@TD: You're welcome and you're right the album sounds unique!

@Feuersturm: You're welcome too and I'd love more Kvist as well, worried though how another album would sound... thinking about the many Norwegian bands that "progressed" with their sound I'm sort of glad others stopped while on top.

Daemonum... I could ask comrade witchclan about that.

Thokk I can do, I've got that one practically at hand.

@Goat Vomit: Thanks for the new link, updated.

Grilo Do Demo kirjoitti...

Mein gott, this is indeed a jewel. I also found this album a few years ago (I'm quite "young" in black metal) and was surprised of how good and unknown it is. What happened, why did they quit so soon? Anyone knows some history?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for your comments... I wish I knew more but I've never had much info on Kvist, even less on the later days. I might have their interview somewhere, I'll need to see if I could find it. Maybe Megaborea would remember something?

Kuolema kirjoitti...

Hei Velkaarn.

I hope you can help me, do you have the Kärsimys' demo released in 2000 [link] ? I lost it.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Moi, sorry but I don't think I have that one. I'll see if I can dig it up from some of my contacts though!

Kuolema kirjoitti...

Great, thank you.

Feuersturm kirjoitti...


A Kvist interview exists?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


No. I'm a demented idiot, it was a Strid interview I was recalling. Sorry if that got you hopeful.

Feuersturm kirjoitti...

No problem, sounded too good to be true anyway.

I have read some Xploding Plastix interviews (probably lots of them on the internet) in which Kvist has been mentioned, but as retrospectives, they don't really shed much light on the band's history. Apparently the drumming in black metal and especially jazz was the reason Vergrimm moved on to electronic music, and he still participates on some metal bands' albums as a guest musician, like in Trondr Nefas' band In Lingua Mortua, but hasn't done any metal himself anymore. Kind of like Heks of the mighty Obtained Enslavement, he's in an indie pop band.

To not digress, I've been looking to hear the 1993 demo by Urd Verdaine Og Skuld for years, which was the Kvist guys playing doom metal. No one seems to know anything about the band (DUH.) and I've never heard or seen anyone talking about the music, so I'm guessing not a lot of people have heard it.

Oh and even if Endezzma may record old Dim Nagel tracks for their album, or so I've read, the demo(s?) would still be an interesting listen.

I could go on but I might just end up asking for the moon from the sky.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


We discussed the U.V.O.S. demo (which I also have been looking for many, many years) with Megaborea at Svartsyn MLP comments, he said: "I remember it being more of a traditional doom sound, but kind of aimless and meandering, with these really cheap-sounding keyboards, almost like a Casio or something."

That's not a very flattering description but I'm still determined to dig it up eventually.
I'll post soon the Dim Nagel demo.

Vomit of the Earth kirjoitti...

I don't believe my eyes.Thank you so much Velkaarn!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome. I'm back at my place finally so more posts will follow shortly.

J.M. kirjoitti...

I remember I first got my hands on Kvists album about eleven years ago and still to this day its one of my absolute favorites. Svartedal in particular is probably my all-time favorite Norwegian black metal song. So, much thanks for posting this rehearsal. Interested to see what this one sounds like.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I hope you weren't dissappointed with the sound, it is a rehearsal tape after all!