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I Rise In Flames - Fall demo 1995

I Rise In Flames - Fall demo 1995
Reaching for a Gothic Sun
2) Desolate Tears
3) Her Eternal Dreams Foreshadow
4) Outro


Another tape traded item, here's a 1995 demo by I Rise In Flames who changed their name to Chant after signing a deal with the German label Solistitium (with whom a quarter of the Finnish 90's bands seemed to sign with). They recorded an album "Cynthia's Fire" in 1998 at the well-known Tico-Tico studio but apparently it was never released as Solistitium got into financial problems delaying the album's release and frustrated, half of the band decided to call it quits. The remaining people reincarnated as The Chant in 1999 with a new line-up and a bit different musical direction. They've recorded a bunch of demos and an EP in 2006, debut album "Ghostlines" in 2008 and another album "This is The World We Know" in 2010 which contains "nine tracks of atmospheric rock with gothic and progressive influences. At times there are metal elements contrasting the soothing melodies." I quoted that from their site as I haven't heard it. Or anything post-this demo really, to be honest. I just felt like whipping up a little bio here.

Ok how about getting to the point which naturally is this demo here. Like said right at the start, tape traded and no cover art and little info besides the tracklisting. Metal Archives lists this as just self-titled demo but the band entry there isn't really brimming with information is it now? So until proven otherwise I'm still calling this "Fall" as I've been since I got it titled so. Yeah. Cover scans would be greatly appreciated and I'd be keen on hearing the other demo(s) The Chant interview on Imperiumi mentioned. And the unreleased (?) album too, though I doubt anybody has it. Maybe I should finally get into the music here - three songs of gothic-tinged (think Paradise Lost-gothic not rubbersuit goth rock-gothic) death/doom metal and an instrumental outro track with a decent demo sound and good enough performance. Some bearable clean vocals employed but mostly a deathlier vocal style. The source dub was of unknown generation and left a bit desired but it could be worse. There's some audible tape wear scattered hither and thither but it should not bother a seasoned listener of cassette demos. Recommended if you like mid-90s gothic death doom, are a curious The Chant-fan or just blindly grab whatever I happen to post.

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