tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2011

Ars Poetica - Theatre demo 1996

Ars Poetica (pol) - Theatre demo 1996
Theatre I: Scena I
2) Theatre I: Scena II
3) Theatre I: Scena III
4) Final...
5) Theatre II: Scena I
6) Theatre II: Scena II
7) Final


Some more non-metal material, this time I've dug up an obscure Polish dark atmospheric/ambient/whatever-you-call-this-stuff keyboard music project(? - not sure at all but I think this was someone's side project) Ars Poetica and their demo 1996. I don't know if they/him made more than one tape. I got this from one of my traders along with some other synth projects and got very little info on it besides the tracklisting. Which I edited as he had written it like this:
1) Theatre: - Scena I, - Scena II, - Scena III
2) Final...
3) Theatre: - Scena I, Scena II
4) Final

However, both of the "Theatre" bits were clearly separated in to their different parts so I decided to make them separate tracks and for clarity further named them Theare I & II etc. as you can read up there at the very beginning. So there, that's all about that. If someone happens to have a copy of the covers or really anything on this, drop me a line ok?

The music is dark synth stuff, somewhere between dark ambient and darkwave with some vocals thrown in which vary from dark almost black metallish ones to theatric quasi-operatic to warped by effects and silly. Sound is ok but most of the music tends to be on the left speaker with the voices and some effects on the right one which is not exactly the best idea ever. Music itself is pretty good, some bits like start of Theatre II: Scena I remind me of old Ultima soundtracks and the like, but the vocals aren't what I'd call success and the sound annoys me. I might rip this again as mono and see if it's better. Meanwhile, feel free to try it out.

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'Owl kirjoitti...

Unfortunatly a bit tedious. Thank you :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, this isn't really that good and I don't find myself listening to it often. I'd rather recommend you to check out the Infamis tape, which I just reuploaded the other day.