tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2011

Infamis - Malum Necessarium demo 1996

Infamis (pol) - Malum Necessarium demo 1996
Intro (Spiritus Movens)
2) Signum Temporis
3) Ut Sequitur
4) Vis Maior
5) Cum Tacent Clamant
6) Ex Oriente Lux


To follow the previous post I decided to upload yet another Polish demo of dark synth stuff, also gotten from a tape trader but at least this time I was able to dig up an extremely poor and tiny thumbnail pic of the cover from some sort of Polish eBay-type site (I guess). Needless to say it's not helpful for providing info or anything and I'd like a proper cover scan. At least a little bigger image of the front would also do.

So I don't know much about this project either but I can tell right away the sound on this demo is better than on the Ars Poetica one and it's purely instrumental. Of similar lenght, this 32+ minutes passes away pleasantly enough in old school Mortiis atmospheres. Keyboards playing soundtrack-like quasimedieval dark ambiance, it's certainly nothing groundbreaking but I can say I'm enjoying this. If you liked the Depressive Silence demos you might want to check this out. Dungeon synth, as the young man running a blog of the same name terms it!

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Andrew kirjoitti...

I REALLY appreciate all the "keyboard music" albums you've uploaded. I recently started a blog wherein I'm trying to assert "dungeon synth" as a unique tag, which this style of music most desperately needs.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hi & thanks for your comment, nice to read you've enjoyed them!

Well, I had actually forgotten about the dungeon term applied to music but that's pretty much what Mortiis called his early stuff (dark dungeon music I think?) so the "dungeon synth" you champion can be a very appropriate & feasible tag. I'll be sure to check out your blog!

zargonath kirjoitti...

If you are interested i ve it

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks, but I actually do have rips of three more Infamis releases, including that one which I think was the best of them. Appreciate the offer though!