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Fogland - Enumaelish CassEP 2004

Fogland - Enumaelish Cassette EP 2004
2) Ismeju, King of the Plains
3) De Imortalitate Animae
4) In Fosnet De Frunze, In Vant De Seara, In Liniste Adanca...
5) Nebelluth/Nehil


Time for a little bit different post. And a release from 2004! Blasphemy, outrage! Gather torches and pitchforks! Well, I've never really said I'd upload only 90's stuff, did I? Anyways you might still want to gather that mob since this isn't metal either, no matter how "openly" you approach the matter. If you're familiar with the "Znaman" album by this Romanian band you'll know they used to play folk/metal based (quite remotely in most songs!) on black metal, with the emphasis strongly on atmospheric and folky bits. On this tape EP they've gone further into the experimental post-whatever direction and sound more like an electronic act much of the time. Pretty odd stuff, I guess I could compare it to the Moon Lore album "Spheres Beneath the Heavens" so if you like that one you might enjoy this. It is quite atmospheric. Some parts even bring MonumentuM and Canaan to my mind (that is considered good 'round here). The beginning of the last song reminded me of Von Thronstahl for a fleeting moment.

Ripped from an original tape I got used last year it has good quality and almost no wear nor tear. Sound quality of the recording is very good too. Cover scans included. I'm not really the best possible person to discuss this, I was quite dissappointed at first when I heard this but it has become more toleratable over time and I've started to kind of like parts of it. I expect to have a total change of heart and like this to an unreasonable extent with enough time. Try it if you became curious.

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