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Gallows - The Butterfly promo 1993

Gallows (isr) - The Butterfly promo 1993
Here the Flying... Flew... Already Gone
2) The Butterfly
3) Children
4) Testimony of a Sanguinary Generation
5) ...And No One Made a Sound
6) Optimistic End


Here's a bit different item, again, this time still metal though. The Israeli band Gallows isn't very well known, I think, and I don't have too much info on them either. Metal Archives lists another tape before this one, neglects this completely and then mentions the re-release in 1995 which also appears to be the last release. I have somewhere a flyer for this tape, I'll scan it add to the post if I find it. As you probably guessed by now, I got this from a trader and have no covers. Would appreciate a scan if you happen to have them.

The music is sort of progressive metal with death metal vocals and both death & thrash metal leanings. It sounds quite jazzy to me in many places, throwing in some semi-mandatory middle eastern folk influences in the mix as well. Lyrically it would appear to lean towards life metal, but I suppose that can be excused. Personally I have somewhat mixed feelings about this... I like some of the proge parts and especially the keyboards on 4 & 5 (which the tracklisting I got seemed to list as "Testimony of a Sanguinary Generation - And No One Made a Sound" but it has a clear break at 6:30, dividing it into two tracks) and the harsh vocals come out quite well. Musicianship, sound and tape quality are very good too. This just isn't my favourite sort of music in general. But as said, I like 4 & 5 and the rest is okay too so I suppose I can recommend this to open-minded readers.

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