torstai 18. joulukuuta 2014

Amorak - ...In the Dark Northern Moonlight demo 1997

Amorak - ...In the Dark Northern Moonlight demo I 1997
1) Invoking an Evening Storm
2) Across the Elysian Fields
3) Amorak
4) Timeless Secrets Beyond the Ancient Flame
5) Behold Seth's Dream
6) Relieved Under Sorrow (Drowned in Waters)

RGhost / Mediafire

Enough of Teutonia for now, we return later but for now let's travel south to Lusitania and some more of Henri's contributions again, this is the first demo of the black metal band Amorak. Thanks again for the contributions! Amorak released two tapes before disbanding, according to M.A. and looks like this one was released with both coloured and black/white/grey glossy (judging from the readability) covers as the scans I've here are of the latter variety.

Intro, outro and four tracks which are on the shorter side for change and mostly the music is quite fast paced too. Quite clear demo sound with very distinct drums this time. Vocals are quite typical raspy black metal croaks and barks that occasionally change to high shrieks. There are some good moments and promising moments like the last proper track's beginning, but generally I seem to have a hard time saying anything really interesting about this. Quite average black metal demo at the end of the day, perhaps my opinion might change after repeat listens or returning to it another time. Worth giving it a listen or two despite my current lack of enthusiasm.

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