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Septimus - The Sign of the Horns demo 1992

Septimus - The Sign of the Horns demo I 1992
1) Furies from Hell
2) Antichrist
3) The Sign of the Horns

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Ok, here's the requested item I mentioned and it is a repost from the sadly deceased (or at least very dormant) Lockjaw blog, posted there originally by Drowned. So credits of the rip belong to him. The original rip was very quiet though and as I'm getting old, deaf and cranky I adjusted the sound level up a little bit. No covers, unfortunately. Please get in touch if you have 'em!

Let's get to the band and music, finally, this is the only demo I'm aware of by Swedish black metal band Septimus, Drowned mentioned the band would feature a member from Pagan Rites but this seems to be a mix-up if Metal Archives data is correct: Patrik "Onkel" Andersson played in the band and was a member of Autopsy Torment which people incorrectly consider as pre-Pagan Rites. As if someone cared. Well, another interesting thing is that this is supposed to be a '92 demo, recorded in September 1992 to be more accurate and according to, again, M.A. info the band changed name to Seventh Sight in 1991 and turned death metal. That has to be a mistake, either they got the year wrong or what seems more likely to me the same guys started another band, Seventh Sight, to play death metal and eventually abandoned Septimus in favour of it, or, bear with me a moment longer, Septimus was just a one-off side project of the Seventh Sight guys. If you have actual facts, feel free to share! Oh, and to complicate stuff further, the members were also active with a grindcore band and another death metal band, plus the very obscure and interesting Angel Goat. Drop me a line if you know more of that one!

I still haven't said anything about the music except it's black metal. Drowned compared this to old Bathory, but I don't really see such a glaringly clear influence and similarity. Well, no more than on just about every Scandinavian second wave band. I'm actually more reminded of old Darkthrone (Ablaze...) and old Carpathian Forest. Which were influenced by Bathory, yes, yes I know! A little muffled, kind a warm but obscure sound on the recording. Excellent use of keyboards to add atmosphere on the second track and a pleasantly old fashioned feel to everything. I wasn't first that impressed but it's grown definitely on me after a few repeat, more attentive listens. Shame they didn't continue on this path. Recommended!

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Cyclades kirjoitti...

Cool stuff. This very early second-wave BM from Norway/Sweden (circa '91-'92) was mostly Bathory/Celtic Frost worship with a bit of eastern European black metal atmospheres via Mayhem. In sound and aesthetics it is firmly old-school, and all of the guys playing it were were rooted in the death metal scene, which was at its absolute peak back then. This sort of stuff just felt like another part of the deep underground at the time, nothing like the huge trend wave that started a year or so later. Personally, I much prefer this sort of thing to what came after, but that's probably because I'm old!

GREV kirjoitti...

Velkaarn: About Angel Goat... I've some rehearsal stuff from 1991.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the comment! Well, not much to add there really, good points. Glad you liked it too.


I'll get back to you about this when I'll reply your mail later today!