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Vindalv - Æptir Pushende Ar demo 1999

Vindalv - Æptir Pushende Ar demo 1999
1) Rampn Skria
2) Hwar Kampin Sta
3) Swærþ Stimma
4) Loki
5) Forfæþernes Bloþ

Zippyshare / Yandex

Time to chill a bit again, is it not? I was originally going to post the Jääportit '99 tape master Sorvali kindly sent me, but seeing that they've quite recently digitally re-released it here, I decided against it and instead present you with this recording by Vindalv, a project of which I know only that it's Swedish, this is demo 1999 and they/he played apparently Norse-themed dungeon synth. That's judging from the titles which appear to be written in some of archaic Swedish. Cover scans were included, thanks again to Henri for them, the rip and info on origin!

This is a quite long demo, slightly over half an hour and with the first track being a shorter piece to lead us into Vindalv's world we're left with four long songs, all fully instrumental and from the slightly more active end of dungeon synth spectrum. Some percussion is employed and cheesy samples and such are (thankfully) absent. I detect some familiar sounding bits on the second track, pretty certain these are "borrowed" from some classical composer. The sound is quite nostalgic and varies between more medieval moods and neoclassical, darkwavey approach. In that way it's closer to Die Verbannten Kinder Evas than Mortiis. Somewhere between DVKE and Gothmog might not be utterly wrong comparison, just a bit off. I was actually quite excited to get this and still enjoy it, though I admit it might more effective were it a wee bit shorter. Recommended listening for other dungeon synth, medieval darkwave and Scandiambient aficionados.

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Dimmu Eternal DM kirjoitti...

Thanks a million. I was searching it since 2003. In an old EWC distro list, this tape appeared as "dramatic keyboard myth-music, mortiis-project of Svante of Jotunheim". Thanks again.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, we aim to please! Thanks for also providing additional info, I didn't know this was a Jotunheim project. I should really dig old papers to see if I still have one of the old EW lists, or other things like that. They were informative at best, after all.

Eugene kirjoitti...

You must collect all DS tapes from Elven Witchcraft before you die, Velkaarn, cause you're the only one who can make it.
Thanks here!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Uh, that's quite a hard quest, I suppose I better not die for a while then.