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Enchanted - Breed My Sorrows demo 1995 ('97 version)

Enchanted - Breed My Sorrows demo 1995 (Vox Mortiis Records 1997 version)
1) Breed My Sorrows
2) Starfall
3) Carven Dreams
4) The Words of an Ember

Mediafire (full scans) / Yandex (only cover image)

Let's stay in Norway for another post and another contribution, this one was sent by Chris already months back so about time I post it! Thanks for the rip and (massive!) scans to him. Enchanted were a Norwegian band formed in 1992 with a quite scarce discography, besides this demo originally released in 1995 they recorded an official rehearsal tape in '94, with two songs that appear on this demo too and an EP in 1998 with two new songs. These give a grand total of six songs in as many years, they apparently split up after the EP was released. Not a whole lot. Anyways, you see them labeled as black metal in Metal Archives and actually in the mp3's here as I forgot to change 'em but do not let that fool you. The vocalist has a screamy voice, yes, but musically this is much closer to melodeath of Swedish school and obviously their lyrics aren't black metal. Let's go with dark metal for this one again, shall we?

They took over two months to complete the recording and mixing process so the sound better be good after that much time used on a demo recording! And it is, clear and quite powerful even. The low end is over represented but I suspect this would really be Chris's doing, I'm quite sure it wasn't this bassy on the dub I have. As I've already mentioned, this is very melodic, at times almost slipping to flowery power metal stuff but narrowly avoids the full tumble. It's well enough performed and all, but this isn't really my favoured poison. Recommended if you enjoy either nwosdm, melodeath in general or melodic dark metal. Oh, I should probably mention, even if it is written next to the links, that the Mediafire download is the full package with the enormous scans (7-zip packed) while Yandex is without the big scans (Winrar). Pick whichever options suits you better. Next post will be a request and I'll try to get to sometime in the evening! Maybe.

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