tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2014

Neglected Fields - Sansara demo 1996

Neglected Fields - Sansara demo I 1996
1) Sphere's Rhapsody
2) Eschatological
3) Sansara
4) Living Structures

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Looks this is going to be the last post for this year, thanks to all supporters and contributors and let us keep reaping the tombs next year as well. Today's offering is again by Henri and it is the first demo of the Latvian Neglected Fields who played progressive and technical death metal. No, I don't think they sound like Opeth. Or do they? I'm by no means an expert here. Cover scans are included and these are unusually colourful, which is kind of neat for change. Festive and all that.

This is not the sort of music I am personally very familiar with, nor do I really much care for technical sort of metal in general, but this is staying within fairly reasonable bounds instead of full-blown instrumenstrual orgy and I kind of like their Orientally flavoured esoteric concept, at least in small doses such as the rather standard seventeen minutes this demo runs for. I haven't heard any of their three albums, or any other later output either but as these tracks seem to reappear on the debut I'd assume at least that one is in similar vein to this tape. Progressively technical but still rather agreeable "death" metal, not at all brutal despite the vocalist exclusively utilizing his grunts yet quite interesting and not too fluffy. I'm not sure if I could really stomach a full album of this stuff but a little snack is fine occasionally. Hear for yourself and next year I promise to post more moist, rotten filth scraped off the sacrophagi long forgotten in the dreariest catacombs.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

A hearty thank you to Velkaarn and to all you contributors for a monster year of rare and obscure metal merriment.

Wishing you all great health and much prosperity in the coming year.