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Thousand Lakes Compilation Tape #1 (1995)

Various Artists - Thousand Lakes Compilation Tape #1 (1995)
1) Thy Serpent - The Forest of Blåkulla
2) Wanderer - Surrounded by These Firs
3) Azazel - The Glow of the Golden Fullmoon
4) Perkele - Summernight
5) Diaboli - Mesmerized by Darkness
6) Darkstyle - The Castle of Sorrow
7) Nidhoggr - Thou Shalt Burn at Our Stakes
8) Morningstar - The Eyes of Lamia
9) Nattvindens Gråt - A Lonely October Night
10) Throes of Dawn - Pakkasherra
11) Darkwoods My Betrothed - One Son of the Northstar
12) I Flow In Depths - So Free Are the Wolves (When the Storms Are Coming)
13) Crimson Midwinter - Across the Purple Vision
14) Wintermoon - Night So Cryptic Is All Mine
15) Barathrum - Beltane
16) Voices of Winds - Voices of Winds

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Today is the Finnish independence day and I thought this would be a fitting time to post an all Finnish compilation tape which is another result of my conspiracy with comrade passetiermes, from the selection of tapes he let me borrow in order to rip and scan them. Thanks again! Ok, let's get one thing out of the way immediately: I cheated. How, you ask? Well, I had to rip Nattvindens Gråt track from the CD and re-rip my dub of Voices of Winds tape to have that track complete as somehow the cassette was too short, missing the NG track completely and over half of the VoW song. Apparently it had been dubbed on a 80 minute tape (which I didn't know existed) which is a really bizarre screw up! I found it preferable to have the intended content complete as I had the missing stuff at hand.

As for the content, the selection very well represents the Finnish black and dark metal scene of its day. Obviously one could argue that this and that artist should be featured instead of some present here but such is the nature of compilations. I intended to get a copy of this back in the day but did not, can't remember why. I suppose it was a good thing since none of the material is unreleased so I guess I would've been dissappointed. Wait, that's wrong, Barathrum's contribution was unreleased. So much for that. Even though the material does range from raw, true black metal to atmospheric forest dark metal to Nattvindens Gråt's doom everything fits quite nicely together and nothing really sorely stands out of place as radically different, in out-of-place way. Personal top 3 here is Nidhoggr, Diaboli and Darkstyle. Which are all lumped together! It's a good compilation if you somehow aren't familiar with some of the bands here, or want a mixtape of Finnish 90's stuff for drinking or whatever.

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