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Pilgrim - Minimal Brain Dysfunction demo 1994

Pilgrim - Minimal Brain Dysfunction demo 1994
1) Pain
2) Nameless Child
3) Lost Life

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Back to Finland but still more death metal and another mysterious contribution, this one by master Sorvali who recalls buying this demo from Black & White in Helsinki circa '94 - '95. The cover lists the band members by first names, the contact (and probably drummer/vocalist) Jussi Tuomela from Turku and recording place Riverside Studio but no recording or release year. Anyone know this band and/or demo, please verify the year! These kind of mysteries drive men to gibbering madness.
UPDATE: Master Turo, the man (well, back then a lad of seventeen summers) responsible for the cover drawing dates the demo to '94 which matches my educated guess so we're going with that. Thanks again for the info!

The music presented on these three tracks is death metal, mostly midpaced with a good and clear sound though the vocalists growls are rather dominant. The song titles look quite death/doomy, don't they? I wouldn't go as far as call this death/doom, it's simply death metal. I'm a little hard pressed to drop names right now, death metal after all isn't my forte, but this sounds quite good, not that heavy or dark but more groovy if you know what I mean? It's actually quite thrashy at times... well I like it better than Deceiver and let's leave it at that. You're probably intrigued by this anyway and download it no matter what I say about the music. The cover looks kind of neat too, doesn't it?

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Turo kirjoitti...

Hey. I drew that cover when I was seventeen, so I guess that the demo must be from 1994. Thanks for the kind words, but I draw a lot better these days. ;)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hey and thanks for the assistance! Also, always nice to read from people behind the things posted, in one way or another. Hmph, they didn't credit you on the cover either. I still think it's a nice old-schoolish drawing, refreshing to see those instead of a random nature shot that was getting really popular circa mid-90s!