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Kalevalanmiekka - Demo 2001

Kalevalanmiekka - Demo I 2001
1) Maailman muodostuminen
2) Tulen synty
3) Kuun ja Auringon taunto

Yandex / RGhost

I decided to continue on a somewhat similar vein as the previous post, this is Finnish stuff though and based on Kalevala myths (which should be obvious looking at the name) and again I know very little of this project, brother Grev dubbed it in a time-honoured fashion as a filler on a tape and he had gotten it himself from master Shatraug back in the day, again I presume to fill up a cassette. I wouldn't be too surprised to find out it was his project, or one of the Lpr comrades. No cover for this one, if one exists I'd appreciate getting a scan and any information in general is welcome.

To the music. The dub unfortunately had a pretty poor sound, mostly since it was very low and a bit one-sided but it's audible when you crank the volume up. At least it's lofi enough if you're into that kind of thing. Music is ambient/ds, quite simple and rather relaxing sounds, some samples of nature sounds and spoken words taken from Kalevala. Or so I think, at least the form is similar. The voice is kind of distant and hard to make out on the first track while much more discernible on the second track, fitting to the nature of fire as is the more active music. I'm not sure if "taunto" on the third track is a typo or supposedly a more archaic form of "taonta" but I decided to keep it written as I got it. This track is somewhat similar to the second one and again that would seem to fit the theme. The whole thing seems a bit short at less than ten minutes and leaves me wondering if more was made later. I suppose this fits under the dungeon synth tag moderately well and the usual people will want to take a listen.

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