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Mayhemic Truth - Promotape '94

Mayhemic Truth - Promotape '94
1) And Only the Flames Remember to Long Forgotten Cries
2) God in Ruins (Your Blood Is Like an Ocean)
3) Our Gatebend Is an Rainbow
4) The Child of Mayhem

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German black metal and one of my favourite bands from that country, Mayhemic Truth which morphed into / reformed as the just as excellent and recommendable Morrigan after splitting up around 2000. Early material of the band is pretty crude and not really that good but this is when it got to more my liking, epic and atmospheric black metal with a crisp and quite raw sound. Ripped from my supposedly original tape, scan enclosed.

All of the four tracks appear also on the R.I.P. album's various versions, first released unofficially by Sombre recs back in '99, some with slightly changed titles but the sound is very similar, raw and crispy with kinda thin guitars and all. Not sure if the content there is from same sessions as this promo, the cover here gives no recording information whatever the case may be and I don't really have time for quick further research now. I recommend you get R.I.P. if you don't have it yet if you like Mayhemic Truth and/or Morrigan. A few more words about the music here, yes it is very Bathory-influenced like most of their stuff, kind of combination of the epic and raw, thrashier bits, later of which gets a more pronounced role with the '96 demo and afterwards. Or might be more appropriate to say from that point on the tracks are more clearly divided into the slower, atmospheric bits and quick, short and thrashy numbers. But enough for now, recommended and mandatory listening even if not as great as following material.

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Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

No-one seems to have posted their 7" EP? I should really get onto that, shouldn't I? Tape ripping plans went awry - gear failure.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I think The Deceased posted their 7" and the live tape back whenever in Lockjaw but the links must be long dead, but I should have them on an external drive (yeah I don't learn). Will check the quality.

That's bad news, your deck went kaput?

Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

Yea, in the worst possible case scenario (ripping the master-tape of an Order of Nine Angles recording). Working on a replacement; some things are worth trying to capture and spread to the four winds...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh shit, hope it didn't fuck up the tape while that happened. There's a reason I've grown to hate cassettes despite the ease of use and re-use.

Found the MT rips, they're pretty good, at 192kpbs and scans, which are a little on the small side though.

Someone kirjoitti...

Hm. I actually always thought of Morrigan as a boring version of Bathory (and I can’t stand that Balor guy), with whom Mayhemic Truth and Morrigan were compared in every review or other comment I ever read, but that tape reminded me of early Samael a bit, which is a good thing, but didn’t excite me nevertheless. If “very Bathory-influenced” is your deal, I’d rather recommend Incarnator (like The Return...... with slight second wave elements) if I didn’t assume you’d already know that band. Do you have the In Nocturnal Glory track? I really need that one, and I know I am not the only one who does!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Perhaps your un-enthusiasm with MT/Morrigan stems from your dislike of Balor? Well, whatever the case be it is your opinion, I like most of their stuff. And sure, I'm familiar with Norse Incarnator but unfortunately don't have the promo track. Good of you to mention it, I need to slap that on the wants and perhaps someone appears who has it.

Someone kirjoitti...

Yes, it might very well have to do with that, but I doubt my dislike of Balor is the only reason for the fact their music doesn’t impress me, it must also have to do with the music himself and quite likely the fact that I expected it to blow me away since pretty much everyone seems to praise them; it seems I am pretty much the only one who doesn’t like their music very much (reminds me of the Nordlys guy slagging them off back in Skogen, which you posted last year I think), but that’s no problem. The only case where I have no understanding whatsoever for people liking the stuff are Absurd, especially since in the early days, their tapes were often slagged off (Nordic Vision is not exactly my favourite read [look at the aesthetics of Slayer or Hellish Massacre and you will see why], but I loved the review of Out of the Dungeon) and rarely lauded by anyone before the guys killed Sandro Beyer. It actually pisses me off that the few great or at least decent bands from Germany (Martyrium’s album was excellent, I need the demos though) are often overlooked and German black metal is often reduced to this one crappy band.
I saw you added Incarnator’s promo track to the list, and I would have been quite surprised if you hadn’t known their excellent tape. I also noticed you have a band called Swastika there; so-called NSBM is not my deal at all (neither do I share these people’s outlook [polite version of “most of them are so stupid I wonder how they manage to bind their lace, I wonder who’s the subhuman here”] nor can the majority of them produce music above average [polite version of “most of them produce nothing but shit”]), but I read there was a German band that used a Thunderdome (excellent hardcore techno compilation series) CD for drums, making their recording the only NSBM stuff I would really like to hear. I don’t know if that was the case for all their recordings though.