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Limbonic Art - Promotion Tape 1996

Limbonic Art - Promotion Tape 1996
1) Beyond the Candles Burning
2) Moon in the Scorpio
3) In Mourning Mystique

Zippyshare / Rusfolder

Back to black metal and this is again from the loot master Sorvali shared with the Coven. Thanks to him and the Norwegians Limbonic Art are probably known to most of the readers already. This item is the N.A.P. promo from '96, recorded in April on a home studio recorder which results in, I quote, "rather poor and chaotic soundquality" as the cover kindly warns the listener. Well, I think that's horse manure, it's ok demo sound and I like to hear these tracks in a more raw and rough form. Kyrck Productions & Armour of Greece has released this also as part of a compilation but I think that was only on limited vinyl? But you might want to pick that up if you have a vinyl player.

Limbonic Art's tracks tend to be quite long and epic which is the case here as well, the first one still fits within the more standard guidelines (partly as it lacks the extended intro elements present on the album version) but "Moon in the Scorpio" and "In Mourning Mystique" both stretch to their album lenghts of 8+ and 14+ minutes. Fortunately they don't overstay their welcome and after a scientific research (listened to album versions, then these) it seems like these work for me better presently, after all the album has a kind of thin sound and of the three songs two made me wonder how much longer they will still go on. None of these demo versions had the same effect. But enough of my meandering babble, if you like symphonic black metal but dislike the polished, overproduced shallow drivel often associated with the genre this might be for you. Or are a fan of Limbonic Art. Or of Ecclesia Satani? Recommended.

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