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Nightside - Oneiric Reign demo 1998

Nightside (ita) - Oneiric Reign demo II 1998
1) Sorrow of Remembrances
2) Nocturnal Vision
3) Comet
4) Obliteration of Conscious Ego
5) Destiny
6) Black Tears (Edge of Sanity cover)

Depositfiles / Mediafire (smaller download without scans)

Still in the realms of death, we will now stray a bit from the path of true death with this contribution by Chris, thanks for the rip and (huge!) cover scan. It's not that long a way from Switzerland to Italy but this second demo, third tape by the Italians Nightside (not likely to be mixed with the Finns featured on the blog earlier) is from entirely different continent compared to Coffin's content in the previous post. Somewhat technical and melodic death metal and now that I think about it my "different continent" wording is really off since this is obviously inspired by the Swedish bands who played this style, especially later At the Gates who they covered on their '96 demo.

Five songs of their own here, one of which ("Destiny") is labeled as a bonus track and a cover of Edge of Sanity which I've never really listened to much so no comment about that band's potential influence to their songwriting and sound. Melodic death metal was for me something mostly other people listened to in the 90's so I'm not an authority with all the nuances and probably miss a ton of name dropping chances here, I'll just say if someone had told me this was a Swedish band while playing a track I'd probably believed them. It's not bad, I suppose, their skills seem adequate to task at hand, the songs have some variation to them and the sound quality is suitable for a demo. I think the bonus track sounds a little different, so it seems safe to deduce it was recorded in a later session. Since they practically have to be mentioned when discussing this sort of stuff I'll just say In Flames (earlier, not nowadays!) and Dark Tranquillity here to get done with that and recommend people into bands mentioned so far (well, maybe not fans of Coffin) and similar music to give this a go.

UPDATE: Added a Mediafire link without the enormous cover scans for peasants with sluggish internet.

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