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Myrkwid - Myrkwid's kjempe demo 1997

Myrkwid - Myrkwid's kjempe demo II 1997
1) Hymn og kjempe
2) Han mester
3) The Eternal Questioner

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Mythic black metal saga of Myrkwid continues, this is the second demo sent, with cover scans, by the same person as the first one. Thanks for the donations to the Coven! I suppose I babbled enough about the band in the previous post so let's just move to the business here, though I must mention I was first at loss whether this demo should be called just "Kjempe" or as seen above "Myrkwid's kjempe". I went with the latter as it so consistently appears on the cover. Kjempe, by the way, means either a giant/titan or a fight, struggle, depending on the etymology. I suppose he's going with the second meaning here.

Three songs only this time, still it's over twenty minutes on material and once again Malthökk separates men from the boys right at start and puts the longest song first, almost ten minute "Hymn og kjempe" which continues on similar vein as the first demo. Sounds a bit more focused though. This might be an illusion created by my tired mind, though, it's not been that long from the debut. Someone commented that this is a German band that sounds like a Polish one and that's pretty well said, this is true to the "proper" tracks here. The middle song "Han mester" is an interlude-like thing with what appears to be a recording of uncle Aleister mixed with mostly acoustic music. It feels a bit long to be honest. Overall, if you liked the previous demo I suppose you'll enjoy this as well.

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