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Medieval Tortures #3

Medieval Tortures 'zine, issue III (October 1999)
Blessed In Sin
WAR 88
The Soil Bleeds Black
Dissimulation (old interview, '95)
Armageddon Holocaust
As Vampiric Shades And Belial Winds
Holy Inquisition & The Malleus Maleficarum (Part III)
The Occult Nazism (Part III)
Pan the Great God of the Woods
Anti-Baltak article
The Necronomicon
+ prologue, reviews, WAR 88, Arkham, Armageddon Holocaust bios


Here is the third part of Medieval Tortures, also sent by Kurgan. Thank you! See part II here for further background information, as these were released simultaneously most of what I wrote applies here as well. Different bands featured here, obviously, and it's 72 pages. The look is identical to issue II, obviously, and the up- and downsides same. I must mention I'm really growing weary with the editor's rants here (and the previous issue), he keeps launching into them in the middle of answers and sometimes most of a long seeming reply is actually him going on about the glory of ancient Hellas and how they were responsible for all civilization anywhere ever since 100 000 years ago. Amusingly enough he does zip it for the interview with Proscriptor. Well, not only there, but it's a glaring change from the previous two interviews where he would butt in on almost every reply.

If you can bear with Luczebeus, some of the interviews are a really good read, others because they're interesting (like Blackdeath) and some just for entertainment value (like Dissimulation, gotta love his listing of things he hates: "...crosses, cemataries, I hate "Mortification", I hate Negrous, Russians, Jews, Asiates, Cats, Women and God..." anti-feline black metal! I also like to imagine him shouting all his replies). There are only two pages of reviews, which is a bit of a bummer. Only one guest interview this time, Armageddon Holocaust by someone called Infernal. As with the previous issue, approach with caution. Oh yeah and I would like to see part I too so get in touch if you have scans of it!

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