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Medieval Tortures #2

Medieval Tortures 'zine, issue II (October 1999)
Negură Bunget
Nåstrond (old interview, '94)
Funebre Inferi
Beneath the Dying Moon
Holy Inquisition & The Malleus Maleficarum (Part II)
The Hellenic Peninsula of Emos, Today "Balkans" and Romania
The Occult Nazism (Part II)
Vlad Tepes Dracula the Hero of Wallachia (1431-1476)
Woodfordian Satyrs
 + Prologue, reviews, bios of Bloodstorm and Peoples League/Golden Dawn


Today's post is a 'zine sent by comrade Kurgan, thank you for the contribution, and scanned by me, the second issue or part of Medieval Tortures 'zine made by Luczebeus (whom you might remember from Funebre Inferi and Hieronym Inferiorum) as a continuation of his Daemonocult Cemetary of Middle Age 'zine (which I would really like to see) 5 years later and much has changed since then. The long time it took to complete his work resulted in the rather unusual decision to post three issues, or in a sense parts, simultaneously in 1999, all featuring the same prologue and judging from II & III consisting of 70-ish A4 pages.

By this time L had gone from the good old demonomaniac days into full on Hellenic NS mode which is extremely evident in the articles and interviews as he tends to burst into sometimes very lenghty rants in the middle of interviews (see Negură Bunget for a good example). As you see above, his own band is featured too, it's Jarl von Hagall conducting the interview but several of the questions look very similar to what Luczebeus asks himself from most interviewees. The interview takes seven (very) full pages with one of the replies going for over a page so this time one can't complain about too short answers! Fortunately his English has improved but it is still quite exhausting reading as already mentioned he tends to rant a fair bit. There are two other interviews made by guests here, Carnage by Para Bellum and Beneath the Dying Moon by Serpent King, the first one again has several questions familiar from Luczebeus's interviews, perhaps he gave guidelines to what ask. There is quite a lot of nsbm content and other stuff that might offend PC-sensibilities within so consider yourself warned if that sort of material and symbols get to you. Interesting selection of underground bands, better than average work on the articles and pleasantly simple old fashioned layout, but quite tiresome to wade through. Recommended in reasonable doses, even if you don't agree with the editor's ideological choices.

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Cyclades kirjoitti...

Greek nazis? LOL. I'm sure there were bands from Cyprus singing in Old Norse too. Scene had gotten totally stupid at that point. There's a good reason people are more nostalgic for the 80s/early 90s.

By the way, hope you got those demos OK? That crap mail service I'm using has some issues...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


It's more likely than you think! Well, it's more like Hellenism first and nazism then on the side sort of thing, but better you read the man yourself, he certainly wasn't shy to explain himself. ;)

Yes, I've downloaded the demos, thank you, but haven't yet really had a good moment to listen to them. I've one more shift and then a couple of days off which should be a suitable opportunity for that.

Jim kirjoitti...

Thank you very much for posting this rare zine. You do an amazing amazing work.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome. Now that I've posted two parts out of three it really annoys me I don't have that missing issue! I know it has Osculum Infame as someone posted a scan of that interview.