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Coffin - Ritual Rehearsals tape 1991

Coffin - Ritual Rehearsals rehearsal tape 10th February 1991
1) Nocturnal Obsequies
2) Dark Carnival
3) Bells of Doom (Therion cover)

Mediafire / Rusfolder

After a quick trip to the dungeon we return to worship death and obscurity by this Coffin here and it is again a somewhat mysterious item. Ripped from a dub I got from brother Grev (thank you) it was marked on his list as a sideproject of master Sova (Barathrum) but I disagree, it would seem more likely to be the Swiss death metal band's recording. Having not actually heard them it's a little hard to be certain but I'm pretty sure this isn't Sova. Anyone with further info please get in touch, as always! No covers, would appreciate them too if they exist. Slapped the Swiss band's logo there for now.

What is this like? Two original tracks and an old Therion cover from "Paroxysmal Holocaust" demo with a bit murky, heavy rehearsal sound. Not the cleanest for sure but you can tell instruments apart and hear riffs and whatnot. Sounds old schoolish and kinda Swedish? Swiss Coffin is supposed to be death/doom but these two tracks here move along on a reasonably brisk pace even though slower, heavier parts are found. It would really help my comparisons if I had actually heard the damn band I presume this is. There are interesting interludes between the songs and in general everything is pretty cool, I just wish I had more info on this damned thing! Recommended for people into old fashioned and murky death metal, crazed necromancers and collectors of rehearsal recordings.

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Cyclades kirjoitti...

Here's a link to (supposedly) one of this band's demos, but again there seems to be some mystery here to what it really is:


By the way, I'll try to get those rips that I offered to you ready within the next couple of days!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Cool, looks by the logo that a total Munsters vibe might be lurking here. Looks fun.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hmm, yes that tape seems to have quite a bit obscurity about it, but alas the link is dead. I'll need to ask 'em for re-upload.


Pretty cool logo it is, provided this is the same band!

kingpossum kirjoitti...


Okay the music isn't quite as fun as the Munsters, but enjoyable in its own repetitive way. That logo is total Batmobile. Whoever it is.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

thanx for this, man. your blog is awesome. i asked the dude on raf666 to reupload that other demo from 92, lets wait. man i got a lot of stuff to dl, its been almost a year that i didn't check your blog. cheers! - mat

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and yeah, a lot of stuff piles up in a year! Let's hope all the links are still live, if not leave me a note.

I better check at raf's to see if he's done that, I also asked at the shoutbox around when I posted this.